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Metal purse mirror case with Mica Emerald pattern cosmetics accessories put in women's handbag

Metal purse mirror case with Mica Emerald pattern cosmetics accessories put in women's handbag.

The makeup mirror in gun metal color has anti-fog function, and the breath is on the mirror, and the aerosol will quickly shrink and disappear, which is very suitable for winter use.

How's the process about produce a makeup mirror? You can find answers as follows:

1. Get 3D and 2D charts and other data from customers to ensure the accuracy of the product.

Including size, tolerances, benchmarks, technical requirements, raw material requirements, surface treatment requirements, spray requirements, and more.

2. According to the product's geometry and accuracy standards to arrange the mold cavity, we achieve cost saving.

3. Choose a reliable supplier of other components. With a long-term supplier, the quality can be guaranteed

4. After receiving all components, we should arrange sample assembling firstly. Make sure the sample can be done on time.

Makeup mirror is a perfect gift for sisters, wife, Bridesmaids, Teenagers, Mother's Day, Birthday's, Easter Basket, Valentine's Day, and Important guests.

It is available to order mirrors according to customer-supplied sample or drawings for custom made, custom hotline: WeChat/WhatsApp+86 159 2072 8666 , e-mail: shirley.hoha@foxmail.com

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